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Hey!  I'm Jamel Cherry and after working in HR for over 15 years, I quit my day job to pursue my passion of traveling around the world to experience, learn and explore the spirituality, healing traditions and food of exotic cultures.  These are all the things I love.   As a filmmaker, healer, traditional priest and foodie myself, I thought what better way to live than pursue my passion while sharing it with others,  thus Spirit Beyond Borders vlogg and movement was created.  

Spirit Beyond Borders is a web series, video blog and travel guide of my exciting spiritual escapades to far and exotic places as I look for the next sacred site, healing experience and spiritual tradition to explore.  I'm absolutely fascinated how different cultures honor spirit outside and within themselves.  I love learning about the differences in cultures as well as our similarities. And I love sharing it with others.  In this world of increasing polarization, diversity of culture and spirituality is important. May I inspire you to explore the world around you and the spirit beyond your borders.


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About Me

I'm Jamel.  After 15 years of working in HR, I quit my day job to pursue my passion of traveling the world with my camera and exploring the spirituality, food and culture of people in exotic and not-so exotic places.

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