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Amulet Market of Chiang Mai, Bangkok

The Tha Phrachan Amulet Market of Chiang Mai, in Bangkok, Thailand is a curious phenomena that is steeped deeply in the fabric of Thai society. It lies right outside the area of the Grand Palace. Unlike other markets, this one sells amulets and charms and you can find thousands of them here.

The market attracts members from all walks of Thai society looking for amulets. There are amulets for every occasion and purpose. I actually stumbled upon it myself serendipitously, after enjoying a nice day stroll in the dazzling and magnificent ground of the Great Palace and temples. As I love strolling in neighborhoods and curious places to discover the culture I came across the amulet market.

People come here looking for charms for money, protection, love, sex, marriage, healing, courage, etc. The presence of the amulet market alludes to a deep belief in the spirit world and magic. The belief reveals the trinity of beliefs of the Thai people which combine, Buddhism, Animism and Hinduism to form a very distinct form of Thai Buddhism. Check out my video below of my tour of the market.

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