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The Spirit of Haitian Voudou

The Haitian people are colorful, vibrant and proud of their culture. This is most exemplified in the A Haitian voudon festival I visited in the Artibonite Region of Haiti. Voudon is a religion practiced by many Haitians. It is a religion based on practices which the enslaved Haitians ancestors brought with them from Africa.

It is a tradition that believes in God as well as a host of spirits which they believe inhabit the world just like people. It combines elements of African voudon from the region which is presently called Benin, in Africa. It also has elements from carib indians, catholicism and western magical traditions.

Devotees of voudon use drumming, dance, offerings, prayer and song to venerate the spirits called loa, whom they beseech to intercede for them and assist them in their day to day activities. The drumming, dancing and singing is outstanding. It is truly a amazing and festive thing to experience.

Check out the video of my Haitian voudou ceremony below:

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