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Over the years I’ve had the honor of taking many people back to the motherland in Nigeria for life changing cultural experiences. It’s your turn to come. Join us in Nigeria in the fabled Yorubaland, the spiritual birthplace and mecca of the global òrìşà and Ifa spiritual tradition. We will be visiting Nigeria during one of the most auspicious and culturally vibrant times with two major festivals occurring, The International Osun Osogbo Festival and the Isese Day Festival.

We will be staying at the beautiful compound of one of Osogbo’s most senior Ifa chiefs and dignitaries, Baba Fakayode Faniyi, Agbogbon Awo of Osogboland. There guests will experience real life compound life and culture at the hospitable Faniyi compound. Medicine making, divination readings, offering ceremonies are all some of the things one can witness on a day to day basis at this working compound.

The trip will feature traditional Yoruba food 2-3 times a day as well as tours to various festival and culturally significant sites. We will be traveling in style as personal guests of Agbongbon Fakayode Faniyi.

What's included:

Sacred Oshun Grove Tour

Ile Ife

Oranmiyan's Staff

Oke Itase Ifa Temple

Sacred Orisa Herb Tour

Badagry Slave Museum

Nike Art Museum

Osun Osogbo Festival Finale

Oshun Grove Tour

Orisa Botanical Herb Tour

Isese Day Festival

Traditional Market

Ikogosi Hot and Cold Springs


Tuesday, August 11

Departure for Nigeria

Wednesday, August 12

Arrival to Nigeria

Drive to Osogbo, Osun State


Thursday, August 13

Ikogosi Hot and Cold Water Spring

Friday, August 14

Grand Finale Osun Festival

Saturday, August 15

Visit to Ile Ife

Orunmila’s Temple

Oranmiyan’s Staff

Obatala Staff

Sunday, August 16

Ifa Temple Service at Idin Ileke Temple

Monday, August 17

Tour of Osun Sacred Grove

Botanical Tour of Sacred Ifa Herbs

Tuesday, August 18

Visit to Local Traditional Market

Wednesday, August 19

Visit to Badagry Slave Castle

Nike Art Gallery

Thursday, August 20

Isese Day Festival

Friday, August 21

Free Day, Rituals and Divination Readings

Saturday, August 22

Departure for US

$2,300 all inclusive package (Airfare, on ground transportation, food, lodging, tours and festivals)

Payment Options

Option #1 ($2,100)

Payment of $2,100 in Full

Option #2. ($2,300)

$500 Deposit Due by March 31

$450 Due by April 30

$450 Due by May 31

$450 Due by June 30

$450 Due by July 31

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